Last Night’s Rockets Tweet Upset More than Just Dallas Fans

Rockets Tweet

While it hasn’t exactly been a bloodbath, emotions had been running high during the Dallas-Houston NBA playoff series. Dallas had some widely-publicized chemistry issues, and owner Mark Cuban had lobbed a few barbs at the Rockets before the season began. And then there’s the natural geographic rivalry between the two teams.

But that doesn’t QUITE explain the Rockets tweet that went out late in the game as the Mavs were facing elimination. The Tweet has been taken down, and apologized for, but in 30 minutes of being up, the damage had been done. Here’s a screenshot:

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.11.57 AM

Is it in bad taste? Maybe. Is it “controversial?” No, but that didn’t stop people from objecting to it as a rape reference or uber-violent. None of the Mavs fans I know took offense, other than saying it stung a little.

But Houston was quickly put on the defensive by public outcry and a high-road Mavs response:

I guess this is one of those instances that we’re seeing more and more of in which the controversy is the entire story.

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