Enjoy Steve Ballmer Reaction Shots During the Clippers Loss (Video)

Steve Ballmer reaction shots

You might be a Clippers fan, but even if you are, you will likely have to admit that the drama of this series is well worth it when you take into account the hilarious Steve Ballmer reaction shots.

When he bought the team last year, he was immediately one of the most emotive, goofiest owners in the league. And that was just in the preseason. Now we’re hitting our stride in the playoffs, and someone’s gotta make sure this dude doesn’t have a heart attack.

Reaction Spasm #1:

Reaction Spasm #2:

Reaction Spasm #3:

He didn’t get rich properly completing fist bumps, people. Don’t try to change him.

Reaction Spasm #4:

You know how sometimes you get so nervous you eat a towel? That’s what Steve Ballmer is going through.

Conversely to what I said earlier, if you aren’t a Clippers fan, you might want to root for them anyway, because getting another series of these Steve Ballmer reaction shots would be pretty terrific.

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