This Charles Barkley Bird Imitation from TNT’s NBA Playoffs Coverage Was Very Disturbing (Video)

charles barkley bird imitation

On Wednesday night, during TNT’s coverage of Game 5 of the first round series between the Hawks and Nets, Charles Barkley tried to make some sort of point about what Atlanta needed to do to win. Which makes sense, since saying what teams need to do to win is his job.

However, on this occasion Barkley’s point had something to do with birds. Though it’s not clear what, and this tweet from @NBAonTNT just kind of confused us more:

I mean, they don’t think hawks are ducks, right?

Anyway, the exact point Sir Charles was trying to make really does not matter. What matters is that, in making his bird analogy, he pretended to be a bird. And quite frankly, it was every bit as weird and creepy as you would expect a Charles Barkley bird imitation to be.

Take a look:

I don’t know if Chuck actually looks like a pterodactyl. But I’d certainly like to see him try to spell pterodactyl.

Make that happen Ernie Johnson.

Hat Tip – [FTW]

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