Oakland Rapper E-40 Creates Golden State Warriors Rap Anthem (Video)

e-40 warriors rap song

Ever heard of E-40? No, that’s not an IRS tax form. It’s a rapper. I’d never heard of him either. But I looked him up, and apparently he’s been a fairly prominent rapper in the Bay Area for the last 20 years and has had songs produced by Lil Jon.

Why do I bring up Mr. 40? Well you see, Mr. 40 is a Golden State Warriors fan. And like all Golden State Warriors fans, he’s pretty excited about the possibility of the team winning its first NBA Championship since 1975. So he took one of his own songs called “Choices (Yup)” and remade it into the unofficial official Warriors rap anthem.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. “Hey, I thought that Drake parody by Steph Curry‘s wife was the official Warriors rap anthem!” But if you thought that, you were wrong. This E-40 song is where it’s at.

Is it really good? No, not really. But it doesn’t suck, which means it is waaaay better than that Thunder rap from last year.

Check it out:

Also, if you’re interested, here’s the original “Choices (Yup)”…though you probably shouldn’t listen to it if you’re at work, or if there are young children around. It’s graphic:

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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