Marvel NFL Helmets Will Amuse Your Inner Comic Book Geek (Gallery)

marvel nfl helmets

It’s been about 24 hours since we did a post about redesigned NFL logos, which means you’re probably going through withdrawal. So here. Feast your eyes on these Marvel NFL helmets.

They come to us from a graphic designer named Justin Kozy. He took each NFL franchise and paired it with a character (or, in one case, a vehicle) from the Marvel Comics universe. Then he created helmets for each hybrid. And they’re pretty damn good.

Of course, if you only watch the Marvel movies and don’t know much about the actual comics, you’ll probably only recognized about half to two-thirds of the characters. The rest will only be familiar to serious comic aficionados.

Take a look:

Like what you see? Go visit the artist’s website, check out his portfolio. Overload his server, make the whole thing crash. (Hey, nobody said going viral was easy.)

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