Mike Tyson Calls Mayweather ‘Delusional’ About Ali Comments (Video)

Mike Tyson

While it’s funny to hear Mike Tyson call someone “delusional,” (both the content of his message, and the way he pronounces “delusional”) he’s earned the right to criticize with his boxing legacy. The subject of his criticism was Floyd Mayweather, whose latest controversy is speaking up and saying that he’s a greater fighter than Ali was.

First of all, NO.

Secondly, even Mike Tyson, a noted crazy person, referred to the comment as delusional. Take a look at this clip that shows Mike Tyson in a Vegas casino with a sick Ed Hardy shirt and sweet mustache that sort of looks like The Money Team logo.

Floyd Mayweather has gotten away with a lot of nasty stuff in his career. But even noted sinner Mike Tyson has to call him out on the comparisons to Ali. Nobody goes there.

Mike Tyson then made some comment about Mayweather not even taking his own kids to school by himself. I’m not sure what the parallel is with that statement, but as long as it’s critical of Mayweather for his Ali comments, we’ll accept it.

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