Manny Pacquiao Shelled Out $4 Million So the 900 Person Strong Pacquiao Entourage Could Attend Saturday’s Sueprfight

pacquiao entourage

The Pacquiao entourage can’t compete with the Mayweather entourage when it comes to star power. Not with douchebags like Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne on The Money Team.

That said, what the Pacquiao entourage lacks in celebrity dipsh*ts it makes up for in shear volume. I don’t know if Pacman just brought his 50 closest friends and their extended families over from the Philippines for the fight, or what. But he just spent between $3 and $4 million on 900 tickets to Saturday’s welterweight title unification fight.

That’s right, 900 tickets.

Manny was probably already going to be the crowd favorite at the MGM Grand, seeing as how he’s never gone to prison for beating up a woman. But the extra 900 die-hard supporters will definitely push it over the edge and give Manny the home court advantage. Or home ring advantage. Or whatever.

Manny can certainly afford the expense. Reports say he’s set to make $100 million for what will probably be the most profitable boxing match of all time. And when you’ve got that kind of pay day coming, a mere $3 or $4 million to get 900 of your close personal friends into the arena to cheer you on is totally worth it.

Hat Tip – [Bloody Elbow]

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