Pacquiao Thanks Mayweather During Weigh-In Staredown (Videos)

Pacquiao Thanks Mayweather - Weigh-in Staredown

Punches were not thrown, trash-talk was not exchanged, and both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather were able to make weight during Friday’s weigh-in, but the event was still able to produce at least one interesting moment.

It came at the conclusion of the staredown between the two fighters, as Pacquiao thanks Mayweather before the two break eye contact.


Why would Pacquiao thank his opponent? Mayweather didn’t seem to have an answer:

Max Kellerman was able to get an explanation from Pacquiao himself following the staredown, and it was pretty straightforward:

When a dude agrees to fight you in a bout that will put an estimated $80-million in your bank account, you thank him.

Makes sense.


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