‘SNL’ Does Empty Baltimore Stadium Sketch (Video)

Empty Baltimore Stadium Sketch

Last night’s Mayweather vs Pacquiao sketch wasn’t the only current event in sports to get the yuk-em-up treatment from the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live. There was also that Orioles game held in a completely empty stadium due to the ongoing riots and protests in Baltimore. And SNL hits all the expected points for their empty Baltimore stadium sketch.

Unfortunate as it might be, Saturday Night Live has actually had the opportunity to build some running gags around civil unrest, and many of those are back for this empty Baltimore stadium sketch – for example, there’s the unwitting faux pas when a commentator says an player’s injured “knee grows stronger every day” (say it out loud, you’ll get it).

Anyway, you can watch Saturday Night Live‘s empty Baltimore stadium sketch below. For the record, my favorite part is probably the kiss cam.

Here’s the video:

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