Steve Ballmer Goes Nuts After Clippers’ Last-Second Series Win (Video)

Steve Ballmer After Clippers Victory

Businessman and Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is known for his passionate outbursts in all spheres of his life, including the success of his team. So after last night’s incredibly exciting buzzer-beating game-winning shot by the Clippers’ Chris Paul, he Ballmered out all over the place – surprising no one, but delighting everyone (except for Spurs fans).

You can’t really blame Steve Ballmer for reacting as he did. Even fans who don’t have any financial interest in the LA Clippers were probably losing their minds after Chris Paul took the game away from the Spurs with just a single second left to go on the clock. Given the circumstances, I’m actually surprised that Ballmer didn’t grow a few feet, turn green, and tear the entire stadium apart with his bare hands.

You can watch Chris Paul’s game-winning shot, and Steve Ballmer’s (along with a bunch of his fellow Clippers fans) rapturous reaction below. Ballmer comes in around the 35-second mark.

Here’s the video: