15 Things Floyd Mayweather Can Buy With His $180 Million Payday

things floyd mayweather can buy $180 million

On Saturday night, Floyd “Money” Mayweather earned another $180 million dollars to maintain the legitimacy of his nickname. And the crazy thing it, he didn’t need to beat Manny Pacquiao to do it. Floyd Mayweather would have taken home that purse even if he had lost the fight.

Anyone can see that’s an insane amount of money, but how insane is it, really? To answer that question, we’re taking off our sports hats and putting on our accounting ones (they actually look quite similar) to bring you 15 things Floyd Mayweather can buy with his $180 million payday.

Are these 15 things Floyd Mayweather can buy 15 things Floyd Mayweather would buy? Not necessarily. But they will put that amount of money in perspective for those of us who consider ourselves lucky just to have a four-figure balance in our savings account.

Of course, at the end of the day, we have to remember what they say. Money isn’t everything…it just lets you buy everything you’ve ever dreamed of.