Boston Marathon Kisser Gets Letter From the Wife of the Random Guy She Smooched

boston marathon kisser

Last month a Memphis woman named Barbara Tatge became the “Boston Marathon Kisser” when she stopped in the middle of her first Boston Marathon to kiss a random spectator.

Thankfully, the story is not as creepy as it sounds.

Tatge’s daughter put her up to it. You see, one of the Boston Marathon’s more unique (and antiquated) traditions involves women from Wellesley College standing along the course and offering kisses to passing runners. So her daughter suggested Tatge, a cancer survivor, reverse the tradition by finding a handsome spectator in Wellesley and kissing him. And she did…after asking first. Then the photo (seen above) went viral when Tatge’s daughter posted it in hopes of tracking down the man her mother had smooched.

Well, this week the Wellesley Townsman found the guy. And his wife. (If this post were an early 90s sitcom, this is where the audience would go “Ooooooooo!”) They told the paper they wanted to remain anonymous, but they proved they were legit by sending them photos of the outfit the man was wearing in the photo.

boston marathon kisser gets letter from wife
And it turns out the wife of the man Barbara Tatge kissed was not mad at all. She had also run the 2015 Boston Marathon, and in a letter she wrote to Tatge, she said she appreciated the spirit of the encounter.

Here’s an excerpt:

“When this story aired on the news we were pretty surprised. For me, I’m not mad. Believe me, our friends have gotten a lot of mileage out of this story and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them give my husband grief! … While this may not be the ending that you had hoped for, that spontaneous, silly moment in Wellesley captured the fun, energy and spirit of the Boston Marathon. I greatly admire your spunk and courage and wish you many happy races in the future. Congratulations on your Boston finish!”

Cute, right?

As for Tatge, while she admitted she is eager for this story to go away, she also said she plans to come back to the Boston Marathon. She just won’t be kissing any random strangers. Or at least, not any married ones.

Hat Tip – [Wellesley Townsman]

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