Former Olympic Decathlete Removes Daughter’s Tooth with a Javelin (Video)

Decathlete removes tooth with javelin

That’s a fun headline, isn’t it?

When I first read the story, I imagined some Castaway-type scenario where his daughter had a tooth infection that would spread, and the only thing available was a javelin. I was wrong. This story is both more and less interesting than that.

Bryan Clay is a retired Olympic decathlete who’s best known for taking the gold medal in the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing. He hasn’t picked up a javelin in three years, but that’s hardly a reason not to tie one to your daughter Ellie’s tooth and give it a toss, right?

Eh, maybe.

But that’s exactly what he did. And because we live in an amazing time, we’ve got video:

Well there ya go. A decathlete is in a natural position to slide right over to dentistry—and in a terrible position to be a sympathetic father. That had to be terrifying for the little girl. Doesn’t he know that these teeth fall out on their own?

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