This Hard-Fought Table Tennis Point Is Perhaps the Best Ever (Video)

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We at Total Pro Sports pride ourselves on being a global destination for table tennis news, scores, and highlights. And we’ll be the first to admit we’ve been slacking in that regard. So we’re doing our best to incorporate more insane table tennis action into our site.

Starting now.

At the Qoros 2015 Table Tennis Championship, Ma Long and Fang Bo went after a point with sustained ferocity for a LONG time. Take a look. There’s not much else I can do to describe this if you haven’t yet seen the clip:

The YouTube channel of the International Table Tennis Federation called it the “Point of the Century.” I’m not inclined to argue with them. Ma Long took home the point, but I would say the crowd was the real winner here. It looked like those guys were moving in fast-forward.

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