Charissa Thompson May Have Flashed Jay and Dan on FSL (Video)

Charissa Thompson

Ok. I think there’s a better chance of me traveling to the moon this weekend than there was that Charissa Thompson ACTUALLY flashed hosts Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole of Fox Sports Live. Of course, there are all sorts of legal and sexual harassment reasons why it would be a bad idea, and then there’s the issue of just being creepy. But mostly, I know it didn’t happen because of their reaction.

“WHOA!!!” is not what happens when a familiar lady flashes you. It’s a quiet awe. Maybe an involuntary grunt. Perhaps some sniffling. It’s not like you’re on an earthquake ride at Universal Studios.

Here’s the clip, so you can see for yourself:

The caption on the Vine is another big hint that this was all staged. As is the cliche trenchcoat.

Don’t you like how I suggest something in the title, then spend the entire article refuting it. Welcome to the world of sports journalism.

Hat Tip – [Awful Announcing]