Susan Sykes Crushes Watermelons with her Giant Breasts (Video)

Susan Sykes

I don’t know if this falls neatly under the heading of “sports,” but I guess crushing things is a sign of athleticism, even if you’re letting gravity do most of the work.

Susan Sykes of Massachusetts (how is she not from Florida) is 53 years young and has size 34MM breasts.  She uses her endowment as a claim to fame by crushing watermelons and bricks (!). Whatever makes you happy, I guess.

Here she is, doing her busty thing:

Only on reality television will you see an actual doctor spectating for this sort of thing. Also, as the screencap shows, if she’s crushing bricks with her boobs, you might want to move your hand there, homeboy. Not too smart for a doctor, are ya?

Anyway, this is a thing that exists, and we feel the story of Susan Sykes needs to be told.

May her song never die.

Hat Tip – [HuffPo]

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