Tom Brady Body Language: Everybody’s Analyzing His Deflategate Presser Again After the Wells Report (Videos)

tom brady body language deflategate press conference

There were a lot of people who simply did not believe Tom Brady when he stepped up to the podium on January 22 and denied having anything to do with the deflated footballs in the AFC Championship Game.

Now, after the release of the Wells Report that concludes Brady was “at least generally aware” of what Jim McNally and John Jastremski were doing to the balls, all those people are saying—loudly, and in all-caps—I F#%&ING TOLD YOU SO! And a lot of body language and “deception detection” experts are coming forward to analyze the original press conference a second time.

Let’s indulge these experts, shall we?

Exhibit A – look of contempt on his face, laughing, lip-smacking, and qualifying use of “I don’t believe“:

Exhibit B – more lip-smacking and refusal to condemn the cheaters:

Exhibit C – Tom Brady says “obviously” a lot:

Exhibit D – even more lip-smacking, plus a defensive elbow:

I don’t know about that elbow thing, but all the experts seem to agree about the lip-smacking and the vague, subjective language.

Things do not look good for Tom Brady. And the shame is few people would have said, “oh, he deflated footballs so I guess he’s not a Hall of Fame quarterback” had he admitted to deflating the balls. Nobody thinks the deflated footballs made that much of a difference for Brady. In fact, some have suggested the biggest advantage of deflated footballs might be preventing fumbles, which benefits running backs more than anybody.

But lying to our faces? With that goddamn handsome smile? That’s what people can’t stand.

Hat Tip – [Huffington Post]