Tom Brady Comments on Wells Report, DeflateGate (Video)

Tom Brady Comments on Wells Report at Salem State Speaker Series Event

One day after the release of the Wells Report, Tom Brady was scheduled to take part in a speaker series event at Salem State college. ¬†It was his first public appearance since the report was unveiled, and sportscaster Jim Gray took the opportunity to ask the Patriots quarterback about his thoughts regarding Ted Wells’¬†findings.

Here’s what Brady had to say:

“I don’t really have any reaction. Our owner commented on it yesterday. It’s only been 30 hours, so I haven’t had much time to digest it fully, but when I do, I’ll let you know. I’ll be sure to let you know how I feel about it, and everybody else.”

When asked by Gray when he plans to address the Wells Report, Brady responded with the following:

“Hopefully soon. There is still a process that is going forth right now, and I’m involved in that process. Whenever it happens, it happens, and I’ll certainly want to be very comfortable in how I feel about the statements that I make.”

As for whether he thinks his involvement in DeflateGate made winning the Super Bowl any less enjoyable, Brady said “absolutely not.”

I didn’t think so.

You can watch Tom Brady comment on the Wells Report during his appearance at the Salem State speaker series event in the video below:

Hat Tip – [ESPN]