Duane Kuiper F-Bomb Corrupts Innocent Young San Francisco Giants Fans (Video)

duane kuiper f-bomb

Duane Kuiper has been the San Francisco Giants’ television play-by-play man since 1994. During his tenure, he’s become one of the most respected announcers in the game and won an impressive seven Emmy Awards.

Unfortunately, on Thursday night in San Francisco, old Kuip just took his eye off the ball for a bit. After the Marlins recorded the final out of the fourth inning, and after throwing the CSN Bay Area broadcast to a commercial break, he started letting the f-bombs fly just a moment too soon. As a result, you could hear him say “massive f**king” something-or-other as the audio tailed out.

Take a listen to the Duade Kuiper f-bomb:

Whoopsy daisy, Kuip! Though, in fairness, it’s hard to say for certain that it was Kuip and not Kruk, aka Mike Krukow, the color analyst.

In the future, maybe everybody in the Giants booth should just hit the cough button when they feel the need to drop f-bombs, regardless of whether they are on commercial breaks. Just to be sure.

Impressionable young children are supposed to learn the f-word from their parents when their parents think they are asleep, damnit. They’re not supposed to learn it from baseball broadcasters.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]