Julian Edelman Shows Support for Tom Brady by Changing Social Media Profile Pics

julian edelman shows support for tom brady

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman took to social media to show his support for Tom Brady this week…because he’s a good dog…yes he is!

That was a joke about the above photo of Brady petting Edelman, in case you didn’t get it. But I digress. What was I saying?

Oh right. Edelman and social media. Yes, the diminutive receiver/Tinder playboy changed his profile pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on Thursday to Brady’s #12 Patriots jersey. Because Julian Edelman knows damn well that, cheater or not, Tom Brady is his meal ticket. And because Tom Brady does things like fly him from the Kentucky Derby to Vegas on his private jet, which is the sort of thing that breeds loyalty.

Take a look:

julian edelman facebook

julian edelman instagram

julian edelman twitter

See? Edelman has Brady’s back…as his profile picture. Get it?

Of course, we already know Edelman had Brady’s back after he literally professed his love for the embattled QB following the AFC Championship Game:

“Tom Brady’s Tom Brady. He was a sixth-round draft pick, a lot of people passed up on him. He’s a Super Bowl champion, Super Bowl MVP, he’s been in a bunch of Super Bowls, and he could care less about all of that. He just cares about winning the next game. That’s our leader, and that’s why you have a guy like that leading us. He’s an unbelievable person, and I truly love that man. I do. It’s great to have him as part of this team.”

Okay Julian Edelman, chill out.

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