We’ve Got All the Awful Pun Headlines About ‘Tom Brady’s Balls’ Here (Pics)

Pun headlines

Oh, man. As if the actual act of Deflategate and the attention it received isn’t bad enough, now we have to deal with another round of news outlets having some safe, non-humorous fun with “ball” pun headlines. And they all did it. It’s painful.

Since misery loves company, we thought we would share with you even more headlines about saggy balls, Tom Brady‘s balls, and other testicle-related humor. It’s awful, but it’s Friday, and you’re not ready to get back to work, are you? So let’s kill a couple more minutes with some groan-worthy pun headlines.




(I actually like that one.)

The Rays won? How ’bout that?

Ok. That’s enough. Next person to say “balls” gets punched in the face.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]