Rory McIlroy Swings and Misses on a Chip from the Rough (Video)

Rory MciLroy

Take note, amateur duffers. Even guys sponsored by Nike in nifty lime green-accented outfits have their crappy shots.

Rory McIlroy swung and missed entirely on #9 at the Players Championship on Saturday. He whiffed on the ball, but it did move slightly. Like an inch. Which means it’s a stroke against him.

Flop shots are notoriously hard – it’s just that we’re used to seeing golfers nail them. But not this time. However, the second shot, also in this video, shows you how the pros do it. Rory nails it on the second attempt, making him wish that pros get mulligans:

Second time’s a charm. Going into Sunday, Rory is only four shots back. So while he’s still in the hunt, common sense says he’s wishing he could have this one shot back—if not for his hunt for the win, than at least for his pride.


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