DeAndre Jordan Asked About Foul Strategy, Leaves Interview (Video)

DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan may have been part of a lopsided win on Sunday night over the Rockets, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he was in a good mood. He went to the free throw line 28 times in the first half, and 34 times overall (converting on 14 of those 34 attempts).

When asked about the Rockets’ hacking strategy during his post-game press conference, DeAndre Jordan, seated beside Blake Griffin, tried to find an answer, but ended up just laughing and strolling out after giving some canned response about focus and whatnot.

Here’s the clip. It goes from funny to uncomfortable to weird, then back to funny:

The question seemed legit enough, considering that the cornerstone of the Rockets’ strategy was predicated around the one Clipper who was currently answering questions at the podium. But Jordan just didn’t seem to be in the mood to talk about it.

Of course, the whole thing speaks to his weakness as a free throw shooter, which might be another thing he doesn’t really feel like discussing.  Better to say nothing than to say something mean. Especially to the press.

I think if we saw more players employing this strategy, we’d probably get far fewer incidents. But if this game hadn’t been a win for Jordan and the Clippers, we might not have seen such a measured response from him—or from Griffin, for that matter.

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