F1 Driver Romain Grosjean Runs Into Jackman in Pit (Video)

Romain Grosjean

French Formula One driver Romain Grosjean almost had some blood on his hands during the Spanish GP. The driver cruised into his pit with a less-than-perfect sense of space and time, resulting in the car colliding with the jack, and the jack colliding with a┬ápit crew member’s crotch.

It doesn’t seem like there was any lasting injury to the team member, but it was plenty scary for a minute. He got back to work quickly enough, so it seems like everyone can exhale easily, especially the jackman.

Here’s the video:

I guess this is probably the riskiest position in the pit, since you’re head on with a speeding vehicle. I suppose it would be like being a tail gunner in WWII or something.

Anyway, Romain Grosjean went on to finish 8th, which won’t get him to the podium, but was much better than he would have fared had the pitman not had great reflexes and been tough as nails after the fact.

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