Phillies Fan with Baby Strapped to Chest Barehands Foul Ball (Video)

phillies fan

Turns out moms weren’t the only ones enjoying their day yesterday. This Phillies fan, Mike Capko, was in the cheap seats with his wife and child when a foul ball came his way in the upper deck, which he caught.

It probably merits mentioning that the baby was strapped to his chest when he made the barehand catch. And for you completists out there, you’d probably like to know that the foul ball came off the bat of Daniel Murphy of the Mets.

He then gloated for a moment, complete with a flex, before giving the ball to his wife. You know, like a gentleman would.

Here’s a video of the one shining moment for this Phillies fan:

Not a bad little Sunday. And remember: putting your child in harm’s way is only cool if you make a terrific catch while they’re strapped to your chest.

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