Epic Senior Prank: Kids in Small Town Ohio Plant 25-Foot Tree in the Middle of the High School’s Baseball Field (Pic)

senior prank tree planted in baseball field

Senior pranks are a longstanding American high school tradition. Unfortunately, most high school kids these days lack true creativity because their phones and video games (and sometimes low-grad narcotics) have fried their brains. So instead of coming up with funny, original pranks, they just do dumb sh*t that winds up destroying property and costing people with jobs actual money.

That’s not the case in Franklin, Ohio, though. There, some kids at Franklin High—or perhaps one of Franklin High’s rival schools—pulled off a fantastic prank that is both creative, funny, and ultimately harmless.

What did they do? They planted a 25-foot tree in the middle of the Franklin High Wildcats baseball diamond.

Take a look:

As reported by Max Preps, Franklin High athletic director Brian Bales got wind of the prank via telephone early Saturday morning.

“I got a call from our parks and recreation guy saying that we might have to cancel the doubleheader,” Bales explained. “The weather was beautiful out, so I asked him what for. He told me there was a 25-foot tree planted between home plate and the pitcher’s mound.”

Bales went on to say that they were investigating the prank, and that “there will be consequences.” But come on, really? So they had to cancel a high school baseball game and pay somebody to dig the tree up. At least nobody’s house got egged. Assuming they didn’t steal the tree, I say give the kids a slap on the wrist.

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