Honduran Field Invader Takes Kung Fu Kick to His Honduran Face (Video)

honduran field invader takes kung fu kick to the face

There are many reasons not to run out onto the field at a professional soccer game and threaten the players. Getting arrested is one. Getting banned from the stadium for life is another.

However, I would say, for me, the biggest deterrent would have to be the possibility that one of those players might give me a flying kung fu kick to the face.

Sure, that seems pretty unlikely. But it happened to a Honduran field invader in San Pedro Sula on Saturday. The guy had stormed the field along with a bunch of other angry C.D. Marathón fans after their team lost to local rivals Real España. But for whatever reason, he was singled out by an España player as deserving some vigilante justice.

Take a look:

The truly insane thing is that the guy who got kung fu kicked in the face actually got off easy. After police cleared the field, the violence carried on outside the stadium. There, two fans were shot, and one of them died.

So the lesson? If you go to a Honduran soccer game, try not to run onto the field. Or get shot.

You know what, to be totally safe, maybe just don’t go to Honduran soccer games.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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