Jon Stewart Offers Up Some More Thoughts on Tom Brady (Video)

Jon Stewart

A week or so ago, Jon Stewart took to The Daily Show for an epic rant on Deflategate. Now he’s back with some thoughts on Tom Brady‘s suspension. It’s a little less jagged, but still pretty funny. I’m guessing he’s not a huge Pats fan. Or a Tom Brady fan.

As we all know, Tom Brady has been sidelined for four games for his role in deflating the balls for the Pats. Jon Stewart doesn’t think that will really rattle Tom too much.

I really can’t do a comedian’s rant justice in a recap, so I’ll just let the clip speak for itself. I don’t want to spoil anything, but there’s an Eli Manning cameo at the end. Well, a PICTURE of Eli Manning cameo, anyway.

Here’s the clip. Pats fans should probably just close their browsers:

That’s probably how most of us feel: Tom Brady is always a winner, and we just have to deal with that.

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