Shaq’s 6′ 8″ Son, Shareef O’Neal Is (Gasp!) Good at Basketball (Video)

Shareef O'Neal

He may only be a freshman in high school. but given his pedigree (being Shaquile O’Neal‘s son) and his height (6’ 8″), some buzz is already starting to materialize for Shareef O’Neal.

The high schooler plays at the Windward School in Los Angeles, and in case you thought he was growing up to be a lumbering force down low…think again. He appears to have already grown into his substantial frame, and looks like he could play several positions, depending on when he stops growing, if ever.

Here’s a clip showing what tricks Shareef O’Neal has up his sleeve:

Looks like he’s got a more dynamic game at 15 or 16 than his dad did, with quick passes, an ability to run the floor with the ball, and an outside jumper that’s looking pretty respectable. Again, it’s hard to know how big he’ll get, but all signs are pointing to him being a pretty great player at 6′ 8″ or even 7 feet.



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