Jets Fans Pony Up for Twelve #TomShady Billboards Across Northern Jersey

#tomshady billboards 2

While Patriots fans have been raising money on GoFundMe to pay the Patriots Deflategate fines, Jets fans have been raising money to buy a bunch of #TomShady billboards across northern New Jersey.

Outfront Media spokesperson Carly Zipp says her company was approached by an “anonymous” group of Jets fans on Monday. On Tuesday, 12 electronic billboards went up across the region, mostly in the vicinity of Met Life Stadium, each of which reads “#TomShady J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!”

“Jets fans are very opinionated,” said Zipp, who declined to say how much the billboards cost. “Because billboards are something that is seen by everyone, they knew the power of message and they wanted to get it out.”

Of course, one could argue that if Jets fans really wanted to rub it in their arch rivals’ face, they should have purchased billboards in eastern Massachusetts. In Jersey the billboards are just preaching to the choir.

Then again, they probably realized that in the age of social media their gospel would spread like wildfire. And of course it has.

If you happen to live in the area and you want to see the #TomShady billboards for yourself, they’ll be up the rest of the week, and the Daily News has a rundown of all the locations.

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