This Hawks Kiss Cam Beer Spill Has to be Staged, Right? (Video)

kiss cam

The kiss cam is a wonderful, funny innovation that provides cheap and easy entertainment for tens of thousands of sports fans. But with that entertainment comes a sacred bond, a trust, that the love we’re seeing is real. I believe that trust was betrayed last night┬áduring the Hawks-Wizards game.

The framing, the reactions, and the whole thing just reeks of orchestration. Isn’t love enough?

Take a look for yourself and judge:

Yeah. She would have noticed when it was pouring out. And her reaction wouldn’t have been so indignant. Myth. Busted.

Despite their use of deception, the Hawks won the game, beating the Wizards on a last-second Al Horford putback, showing us that sometimes liars get what they want.

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