Man Caught Stealing Tablet after Soccer Press Conference (Video)

soccer press conference

If you’re going to steal a tablet, maybe don’t do it in the background of a broadcast following an Argentinian soccer press conference. Just some advice to you thieves-in-training out there. Wait until the cameras are off so millions of people don’t see you. And don’t look RIGHT INTO the camera like you’re guilty as sin. It’s pretty transparent.

That’s exactly what happened at a soccer press conference following a game between Independiente and Boca Juniors. The coach left the podium, and this dude went to work with all the guile of a cartoon robber in a striped shirt.

Watch the video:

Pretty stealthy, eh?

The guy was, of course, caught, and he put a very public apology on Facebook that we have via Deadspin:

I Roberto Mosky … I apologize, unreservedly. For having taken the tablet after Jorge Almirón’s press conference. It was not done with malicious animosity or thievery. In an act of anger, powerlessness and not being in my right mind, I took something that was not for me. I already contacted Independiente to apologize, to give back what is not mine. And as for the anti-Independiente press, pundits and many more, do not make a fire of something that was just an ember burning badly. Let this burn out with me facing up to it, as it should be.

That sounds exactly like it was done with malicious animosity. But I’ll let a court decide.

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