Tim Lincecum Falls Down Goes Boom in Cincinnati (Videos)

tim lincecum falls down

I do not know what was going on with the pitchers mound in Cincinnati on Thursday night, but Giants starter Tim Lincecum simply could not stay on his feet.

Seriously, the guy slipped and fell three times. First he failed to stick the landing in the bottom of the first against Joey Votto. Then, two batters later, with runners on first and third and still two outs, his right foot slipped while pitching from the stretch to Marlon Byrd—though Lincecum still managed to get the pitch off and avoid the balk.

Finally, in the bottom of the fourth, again pitching from the stretch, and again facing Byrd, again Lincecum’s right foot slipped. And this time Timmy fall down go boom.

Take a look:

At one point the grounds crew did come out and take a look at the mound, but they probably didn’t do much, if anything. The Reds pitchers wasn’t having any issues, nor did any of the relievers later on. It was just Lincecum.

Interestingly, this is not the first time the artist formerly known as The Freak (now known as Pretty Ordinary Pitcher) has had footwork issues. Almost the exact same thing happened to him almost exactly two years ago. The only difference is that, now, Lincecum has honed the ability to still throw the ball while going down so as to prevent balks:

Weird, right?

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