ASU Batter Gets Hit by Pitch, Tosses Ball Back to Pitcher (Video)

ASU batter

Let’s give props to ASU batter Johnny Sewald, who realizes that not every hit-by-pitch is a malicious act of war. Two days ago, he was squaring off against Washington State pitcher Layne Bruner when he got oh-so-gently beaned. The ball just sorta stuck to him, so rather than go through the formality of handing the ball to the catcher, Sewald cut out the middleman and sent the ball back to the mound himself.

It wasn’t a particularly tough move or anything. It was just sort of…interesting. And with no NBA playoff games yesterday, “interesting” is gonna do the trick to get covered.

Here’s the video:


I think the announcer is excited enough for everyone watching this YouTube clip. I mean, when you’re relegated to college baseball, the inclination, I’m sure, is to turn a molehill into a mountain. I’m surprised he didn’t call the ASU batter a “warrior poet” or something.