Caped Rugby Streaker Gets Suplex’d by Field Security (Video)

caped rugby streaker

In regards to the title of this piece, I must admit I don’t know exactly what a suplex is, but I’m pretty sure it’s what is performed on this caped rugby streaker. At a French rugby match between two teams you’ve definitely never heard of (FINE! Grenoble and Toulouse), a guy in something resembling a superhero outfit invaded the pitch and did a dive through the uprights to perform a sweet little “I’m flying!” move. 

The whole thing is pretty cute, actually, until security gets a hold of this guy. Just because they’re French doesn’t mean they can’t crack the whip. A security guard takes the streaker down with a backbreaking, perfect-form tackle.

Watch this:


That’s terrific. I think that if you really evaluate the risks of storming the field, you have to assume, on average, a broken bone and a concussion, amon other injuries. These things generally don’t end well, and for some reason, security really seems to make impassioned attacks on the perps.

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