Marlins Man Makes His Presence Known at the Preakness (Pics and Tweet)

Marlins man

If you don’t know who the hell “Marlins Man” is, don’t feel bad. I didn’t know this dude existed until several outlets reported his appearance in high-profile Preakness pics. For those unaccustomed, Marlins man is pretty much what it sounds like. There’s a guy, Laurence Leavy, who seems to find his way into major sporting events wearing a bright orange Marlins jersey. And a Marlins visor.

Hence “Marlins Man.” Duh.

Here’s a pic of him sorta-photobombing a bunch of happy people and a horse in Maryland:

It’s still not clear to me why he’s so notable. Getting a roster of his previous appearances is tricky, so I’m thinking that maybe some meme overlord just created this thing over the weekend.

Whoops. I guess he’s been around for at least six months or so. Here’s a pretty good article in which I learn that he first made a name for himself at the World Series.

And to be clear, this was the most exciting thing that happened at the Preakness. A middle aged dude in an orange windbreaker just sort of hung around. Also, American Pharaoh won. But mostly the old guy.

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