Watch a Ballboy Fall Hard Behind Maria Sharapova (Video)


Being a tennis ballboy is hard. If you do your job well, then no one notices you, but if you screw up, you get as much attention as the athletes on the court. Of course, we have a very recent example of this. Maria Sharapova was resting in the hot sun at the Internazionali BNL d’Italia between sets, when a ballboy went to fetch her an umbrella and ended up eating it behind her.

It’s not clear what he tripped over, because we’ve got Sharapova in the way, but clearly it was something that he didn’t see.

Here’s the clip. Look at him pop back up like a champ:


He doesn’t look any worse for the wear, but with all the falling and stray balls bombing around, I think these ballboys (and ballgirls) should be put in full riot gear from now on.

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