Indy 500 Practice Crash Nearly Took James Hinchcliffe’s Life (Video)

James Hinchcliffe crash - Indy 500

James Hinchcliffe is lucky to be alive today following his nasty accident in turn 3 during a practice run for the Indy 500 on Monday. Had it not been for the quick response from IndyCar’s safety and medical teams, the 28-year-old Canadian could have bled out on the track.

According to reports, Hinchcliffe’s crash caused one of the suspension wishbones to crack through the car’s safety cell and into the cockpit, where it went all the way through the driver’s leg, before re-entering his upper left thigh and continuing all the way into his pelvic region.  In order to free Hinchcliffe from the vehicle, the safety team had to quickly cut the suspension from the chassis.  Upon doing so, Hinchcliffe was rushed to an ambulance, where doctors and technicians did all that they could to stop the bleeding and stabilize the condition of Schmidt Peterson Motorsport’s lead driver.

After undergoing extensive surgery, James Hinchcliffe is now said to be resting comfortably in the intensive care unit.

Here’s a look at the crash:

According to data reports (via, Hinchcliffe was traveling approximately 228mph prior to his accident, and the impact of the crash was measured at about 125 Gs. It was so bad that the emergency workers issued a “Code 5” upon their arrival at the scene of the crash—a call that is intended only for traumatic situations.

This was definitely a traumatic situation, but thanks to the great work of several people, it was not nearly as traumatic as it could have been.

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