Josh Donaldson Told Angels Pitching Coach Mike Butcher to Suck His You-Known-What (Videos)

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Let’s just cut right to the chase, here. On Monday afternoon in Toronto, Blue Jays third-baseman Josh Donaldson told Angels pitching coach Mike Butcher to suck his you-know-what.

We don’t have audio of the remark, but we do have video. And you don’t need to be a lip-reading expert to see that’s exactly what he said.

“Who is it? Butcher?” he asks. Then he says, “f*ck you, you can s*ck my c*ck.”

Take a look:

So what was that all about? Well, it all started with Donaldson’s sixth-inning at-bat. After he shied away from a breaking ball up in the zone that was called a ball, the Angels bench chimed in with a few words for home plate umpire Manny Gonzalez. Or at least, the Angels said their comments were directed at Gonzalez. Donaldson says some of the words were for him, too, though he declined to say what they were.

In any case, Donaldson shouted back at them. Which upset the Angels, who shouted back at Donaldson. Which upset Donaldson, who shouted back at the Angels.

Eventually Donaldson struck out. But as he was going back to the dugout, the Angels—and particularly pitching coach Mike Butcher—kept chirping. And that’s when Donaldson busted out the big-time expletives.

Of course, Angels fans probably think Donaldson was being a big baby, while Blue Jays fans probably think he’s a hero for not taking sh*t from the other team.

In reality, this is just baseball players being baseball players. It’s funny as hell, but nothing to get upset about.

Here’s a breakdown from MLB Tonight that shows you a bit more of what happened. Note Mike Butcher saying something too vulgar to show on TV, and also telling the umpire or somebody to “shut him up.”

Game 2 Tuesday night should be pretty entertaining.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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