Portuguese Soccer Fan Beaten by Police in Front of His Father and Children (Video)

portugues soccer fan police brutality

Over the weekend, Portuguese soccer fan José Magalhães, a Benfica supporter, attended an away match at Vitória Guimarães with his two sons and his father. As they were leaving the game, they were stopped and questioned by police. And this questioning quickly escalated into a pretty serious beating.

But let’s back up for a second. You see, when you attend away games in Europe, the stadium staff and police keep you quarantined inside the stadium in special sections to prevent riots, and they don’t let you leave the stadium until most of the home fans have left the area after the game. And this makes perfect sense, given what we know about soccer fans. However, Magalhães and his family wanted to leave the game early because the kids were getting upset by some of the hostility inside the stadium. And he was able to persuade stadium staff at the gates to let them out.

The police were not so understanding, though. They confronted Magalhães as he and his family were trying to leave, eventually beating him with batons and punching his elderly father in the face.

Of course, this is where accounts begin to differ. Magalhães says he did nothing wrong; the police report says Magalhães became agitated and hostile, making threats and spitting on them; and the truth probably lies somewhere in between.

In the video below, you can clearly see that Magalhães is gesturing emphatically. That said, Magalhães doesn’t punch or shove anyone. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that one able-bodied adult male accompanied by two children and an old man posed a serious physical threat to two police officers backed by an entire squad of riot cops.

Take a look:

Yep, that’s police brutality alright. No matter how tense the situation was outside the stadium, and no matter how much of a smartass Magalhães may have been, there’s no way he deserved that beatdown.

According to a report in the Portuguese newspaper Expresso, Magalhães was arrested and held overnight, and relevant authorities are now reviewing the situation. It will certainly be interesting to hear what they have to say.

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