Steph Curry’s Daughter Was a Hit at His Press Conference (Video)

Steph Curry's daughter

Last night, Steph Curry‘s daughter may have actually stolen the show from what was a phenomenal Game One of the Western Conference Finals. His two year-old girl Riley made an appearance at the press conference, and was FAR more entertaining than Steph was, for sure. While he did his best to answer questions as usual, she was making her little toddler noises and disappearing behind the table.

It was all pretty cute. And something you could probably only get away with if you win. The losing team generally doesn’t have their kids crawling around.

Here’s a video of Steph Curry’s daughter stealing the spotlight from her MVP dad:

For some reason, all I can think of is Antonio Cromartie conducting a press conference and having like 20 kids crawling all over the place before they just overtake him in a swarm. I think it’s cuter with just one kid. Maybe two.


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