Throwback Thursday: Check Out This JJ Watt Bruise from the Texans’ Week 4 Game Against the Bills (Pic)

jj watt bruise

If you were going to post some cute picture of you and your childhood pals on Instagram today for Throwback Thursday, don’t bother. JJ Watt already won #TBT with a photo of the absolutely horrendous bruise he sustained on his right thigh back in Week 4 against the Buffalo Bills.

You remember that game, right? It was the one on September 28 in which Watt recorded five tackles, nine QB hits, and scored an 80-yard pick six—basically one of his best games of the season.

Now it turns out that Watt’s performance was actually even more impressive than we thought. That touchdown came after the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year suffered this:

Actually, to be honest, I’m not sure what’s more impressive—that JJ Watt bruise, or those bulging JJ Watt quads.

Okay fine, it’s the bulging quads. But the bruise is still insane. And that fact that he scored an 80-yard touchdown after sustaining this only adds to the legend that is JJ Watt.

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