Pat McAfee Tweet About Ryan Tannehill Contract Puts the Colts Punter in the Middle of a Huge Sh*tstorm

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One little Pat McAfee tweet about the contract Ryan Tannehill signed with the Dolphis this week created a pretty huge sh*tstorm for the Colts punter.

Tannehill’s extension, announced Tuesday, gives the fourth-year QB $45 million guaranteed and could pay him as much as $96 million over six years. Pat McAfee’s tweet, issued later that day, was ostensibly about Andrew Luck, not Tannehill. But that’s not how a lot of Dolphins fans took it.

Technically, all McAfee says is that Luck is better and has achieved more success than Tannehill, who was also drafted in 2012. And there aren’t many folks around the NFL who would disagree. However, you can also see how Dolphins fans would take it as a slight, especially since the difference between Luck and Tannhill isn’t actually as great as McAfee suggests.

To be sure, Luck was much better than Tannehill in 2012 and 2013. But in 2014 Tannehill closed the gap. He threw 27 TDs and 12 INTs, Luck threw 40 TDs and 16 INTs. Tannehill threw for 4045 yards, Luck threw for 4761 yards. Tannehill had a Passer Rating of 92.8, Luck had a passer rating of 96.5.

Luck was better. And his team reached the AFC title game. However, Tannehill has improved in every major statistical category in each of his three seasons. So the Dolphins contract wasn’t insane.

But again, McAfee didn’t say Tannehill wasn’t good. And the day after his first tweet, he issued another clarifying that position:

The irony of all this is that, just a few weeks ago, McAfee made tons of fans in Florida when he stuck up for Tim Tebow. Now, after dissing Tannehill, he’s enemy number one.

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