9 Most Iconic Sports Injuries of All Time

iconic sports injuries

We could make a list hundreds of entries long that show the most graphic videos of injuries on the field. It would be pretty awful, honestly. So while this list takes inventory of in-game sports injuries, it doesn’t feature the terrible Paul Georgetype things that make you walk around all pale for the next four hours. Rather, these are the iconic sports injuries more akin to battle scars. They’re cool, not disturbing. At least, I think so. Your mileage may vary.

This came about, course, after J.J. Watt shared photo of a HUGE bruise he got when he was playing last year. It’s more impressive than it is gross, and it reminds you the regular beating that NFL lineman give each other even on the most routine plays.

So here are a few of the worst injuries that athletes have played through. We kept MMA and boxing off this list, because those can get really graphic, and we’re more looking for the kinds of injuries that produce iconic images.

Are we using pretty specific criteria here? Yes, we want this to be about sports and the spirit of competition, not gore porn. (Because we already did that list.)

Take a look…