This Andrew McCutchen Pay Stub Will Remind You How Little Earning Power You Have (Pic)

UPDATE: Here is Andrew McCutchen’s reaction to his Pay Stub being posted online….

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Somebody taking a tour of Wrigley Field earlier this week found an Andrew McCutchen pay stub just lying around in the visitors’ locker room. That somebody took a photo of it and sent it to a friend. And that friend posted it on reddit.

The main takeaways from this Andrew McCutchen pay stub? One, Andrew McCutchen makes a shitload of money. Two, professional athletes have to pay all sorts of weird taxes and fees.

Of course, everybody already knew professional athletes make a shitload of money. But seeing it in pay stub form just makes it so much more real.

As you can see, McCutchen’s gross pay from the pay period beginning May 1 and ending May 15 was $820,659.22, which is a lot. However, “only” $427,098.49 made it into his bank account because $395,561.39 went to taxes.

Here’s a better look at the entire stub.

andrew mccutchen pay stub

Now, before you start going off on the out-of-control government for taxing hard-working Americans to death, keep in mind that part of the reason the taxes are so high is that McCutchen has to pay taxes pretty much everywhere he plays. Hence the deductions from St. Louis, Illinois, Philadelphia, and so on.

That said, I would happily pay $400,000 to the government every two weeks for the privilege of depositing $400,000 in my bank account every two weeks. But maybe that’s just me.

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