NYPD Officers Play Some Streetball in the Bronx (Video)

NYPD officers

Two NYPD officers drummed up a little good PR for the boys in blue by swinging by an outdoor basketball court in the Bronx and taking some players to school.

Ok. So they didn’t really take anyone to school. I don’t think they were actually that good, but it was hard for me to tell because I was blinded with rage by the vertical orientation of the video.

Here’s a clip. I don’t THINK they were moving with their guns on, but that would have been quite the¬†intimidation tactic.

To everyone’s benefit, the cops didn’t ruin their reputation today, and neither did the citizens. We’ll call that a win. And now the cops have something resembling an And1 mixtape for posterity.

Hat Tip – [Uproxx]

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