Listen to Vin Scully Tell the Story About the Time Jonny Gomes Almost Got Eaten by a Wolf (Video)

jonny gomes almost got eaten by a wolf

Most baseball announcers these days don’t know how to tell a story. Or at least, they don’t know how to tell a story while also calling a baseball game and using the perfunctory updates about balls and strikes to tease out the suspense. Instead, announcers these days just talk and talk, getting so engrossed in their tale that the game falls by the wayside.

Not Vin Scully, though. The greatest baseball announcer of all time is a master storyteller. And on Monday, he put his skillz to good use telling a pretty awesome one about the time Jonny Gomes almost got eaten by a wolf.

That’s right. Almost eaten (or at least gravely injured) by a wolf.

Take a listen:

Pretty good story, right?

The Dodgers host the Braves two more times this week. Hopefully Scully takes that opportunity to talk about Jonny Gomes’ other near-death experiences, too—like the time his sleeping bag caught on fire, or the time Gomes and some friends were camping when a “crazy moonshiner” started firing a shot gun at them. (No, really.) Because, come on, don’t all the Jonny Gomes near-death stories deserve the Vin Scully treatment?

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