9 Greatest LeBron James Playoff Performances

lebron james playoff performances

Today we’re going to have a little talk about LeBron James playoff performances. Or, to be more specific, the idea that there aren’t as many legendary LeBron James playoff performances as there are legendary Michael Jordan playoff performances. Because that idea is nonsense.

Yes, MJ was sublime. Yes, he won six rings. But LeBron is now the all-time leader in playoff triple-doubles with 12. Do you know how many playoff triple-doubles Michael Jordan has?

Nope, not 10, or even five. Try two.

Now, a triple-double isn’t everything. It’s not like a guy who scored 50 points but records only 5 rebounds and five assists had a bad game. But a triple-double isn’t nothing, either. It’s a pretty good measure of well-roundedness and the overall impact a player has on the game.

So what am I saying? Well, I’m not saying LeBron is better than Jordan, so just relax. As of right now he’s not better than Jordan. But de does have time. Jordan didn’t win his fourth ring until the age of 32. Right now LeBron is 30. Theoretically, if LeBron doesn’t take a year off to play baseball for the Columbus Clippers, he could leapfrog Jordan and win four rings by the age of 31.

What I am saying is that LeBron is a clutch performer with a ton of iconic playoff performances. And today I’m gonna prove it.

A Note About Stats: the slash stats that appear in each slide refer to points-rebounds-assists/field goal percentage/Game Score, which is a metric created by ESPN analyst John Hollinger that tries to combine all stats from a given game into a single number. A Game Score of 10 is average; a Game Score of 40 is outstanding. All numbers taken from Basketball-Reference.com.


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