Andre Drummond Took a High School Girl to Prom Because She Got 12K Retweets and Not at All Because She’s Extremely Attractive (Pics)

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Back in January, a female student at West Bloomfield High School outside Detroit messaged Pistons center Andre Drummond on Twitter and asked if she could take him to prom.

His response? He’d go if she got 12,000 retweets in two weeks.

Unfortunately, she did not get 12,000 retweets in two weeks. Or ever. But she came very close, and she just so happens to be crazy hot. So Drummond was like, bah, good enough, let’s go to prom!

[Note: Look internet, I’m not trying to be a perv by creepin on a high school kid. But let’s not kid ourselves. The girl is very attractive.]

So that’s what Drummond did on Wednesday night. (Seriously, prom on a Wednesday?) He got all dressed up in a white tuxedo jacket, a sweet pimp hat, and Louis Vuitton loafers, and he took Raquel Smith to the West Bloomfield Prom at the Detoit Yacht Club. (Seriously, there’s a Detroit Yacht Club?)

Take a look:

And don’t worry, according to West Bloomfield principal Pat Watson, Mr. Drummond was a perfect gentleman.

“He was absolutely amazing,” Watson said. “He stayed at prom almost two hours, was social with everyone, he was very nice. Of course even the adults wanted pictures and he was very accommodating. He was just an unbelievable.”

Classy stuff, Andre Drummond.

Hat Tip – [Detroit Free Press via CBS Sports]

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