Josh Hamilton Hit the Walkoff Double, But Rangers Reporter Emily Jones McCoy Took the Brunt of the Powerade Shower (Video)

rangers reporter emily jones mccoy powerade shower

Rangers reporter Emily Jones McCoy has been around the team for a long time and has done many a post-game interview at the Ballpark at Arlington. She really ought to have known that, after Josh Hamilton hit a walkoff double to give the Rangers a win over the Red Sox, there was no way she was going to get through a postgame interview without somebody getting doused by a cooler full of some ice cold liquid or another.

Hell, her profile pic on Twitter is a shot of her watching a Rangers player get doused with blue Powerade.

But what can I say? After said walkoff double, a storybook ending to Hamilton’s first series back with the Rangers, I guess Emily Jones McCoy was just too focused on doing her actual job to notice two guys sneaking up behind her. So she took the brunt of the celebratory Powerade shower.

Take a look:

I’m sure Josh Hamilton will pick up her dry cleaning tab.

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